Uplisting Reviews

Although Uplisting is software made fairly recently, it has already boasted awards and recognition across a series of well-known rental property managers.

Uplisting Reviews
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The key focus of Uplisting is their automation feature, which creates automated responses to repetitive daily tasks while allowing users to monitor other dimensions of the guest bookings they have received. This allows users to effectively save time and grow as property business owners without expending much energy across various booking sites.

The 3 core features also work in tandem to upscale property businesses with revenue charts for the users. Direct booking reservations made can be imported directly as well.

As such, Uplisting is a reliable platform for property business owners to monitor and manage their bookings with no fear of human error than by doing it manually.

Why Uplisting?

Uplisting is promoted as a reliable managing software for property owners. As an official software partner of AirBnb, Booking.com, VRBO/ Homeaway, and so on, Uplisting is guaranteed to be more advanced as compared to unofficial software programs provided online.

They release new and valuable features every week for users to learn and grow as an owner. Additionally, Uplisting takes no extra commission fees per guest booking, so all the pricing plans stated in the next section are flat with no hidden costs.

The exclusion of long-term contracts allows users to cancel anytime guilt-free. The collated booking engine also boasts superior aesthetic appeal for users seeking minimalist but sophisticated designs.

Airbnb, Booking.com, and other websites can be connected to Uplisting and managed in one place instead of hopping from one site to the next as means of controlling reservations.

What's on Uplisting

Uplisting has 3 core features that allow it to work the way it works – automation, operations, and guest satisfaction.

What's on Uplisting
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Automation focuses on automated responses to daily repetitive tasks. These tasks, such as guest messaging, Airbnb reviewing and inquiries, turnover schedules, guest ID verification checks, security deposit collection, and other payment plans, are prone to human error when done manually. Thus, Uplisting creates less room for human error by automating these responses. It also allows users to save more time instead of spending it on repetitive tasks.

The Operations feature allows users to go into the next step with a reliable solution. It prevents double bookings and enables you to expand your business or upset potential clients by using a built-in scheduler that keeps bookings in one place.

The multi-calendar allows you to see booking across various websites and manage turnovers, all the while letting you see availability and restrictions and manage prices in one go. Further guest verification and security deposit collection are also done by the Operations feature.

This concludes with the Guest Satisfaction feature. Excellent communication between guests and the user will potentially lead to better reviews on the web. This, in turn, can potentially lead to a repeat booking or even repeat bookings based on guest recommendations.

Uplisting Features Review

Uplisting has a great and simple way to systematically manage bookings and rental services across various websites in one interface.

Uplisting Features Review
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The 3 core features stated above allow users to efficiently track down guest revenues, revenue plans, charts, and key communication factors. It is to learn how to have a better experience for other guests and users alike. These features are able to help you upscale the number of properties available for rent or Airbnb services.

Many customers online have reported exponential upscaling growth for property ownership. This can be further testified by the series of accolades they have received over the years as a managing software for property owners online.

How Does Uplisting Work?

Uplisting works by implementing 3 core features and an additional revenue growth feature to plan for upscaling the amount of property owned.

As covered above, the 3 core features include an Automation feature for automated responses for repetitive tasks, an Operations feature for further response, guest verification checks, date and turnover scheduling, and checking availability for guest reservations.

The Guest Satisfaction feature enables 2-way communication between the user and their guests to ensure excellent customer service for potential future re-bookings. This information is compiled by the revenue growth feature, which helps users to plan for the next step in their business career model.

Uplisting Pricing

Uplisting provides a 14-day free trial for new users. No credit card information is required for the trial, and this can be canceled or upgraded at any time by the user. 6 currencies can be selected for the monthly plan, including USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and NZD.

UK users need to include an extra 20% VAT for the subscription plan. Depending on how many properties you manage, subscription price plans rise linearly.

Starting from $100 a month for one property, fixed pricing plans end at $580 a month for 29 properties. Users managing 30 properties or more would require to contact Uplisting and enquire about customer service for custom pricing.

The 3 core features will be included in all plans, including an integrated customer support system from Uplisting. There are no additional fees for the price plan.

Additionally, Uplisting does not charge extra commission fees on any guest bookings done during the plan period. There is no long-term contract available for Uplisting, so users can cancel anytime during the month before the next billing cycle even arrives.

Uplisting Pros and Cons


  • Efficient
  • Simple interface
  • Allows bookings and reservations to be monitored in one place
  • Has calendars and schedulers for dates of reservation, availability, and restrictions
  • Built-in guest verification system
  • Saves time with automated responses to repetitive tasks
  • Has an upscaling plan for future property owners
  • Revenue growth charts are detailed and planned accordingly
  • Provides excellent automated responses to guest enquiries, feedback, and other general questions
  • The more properties are managed, the less steep the price plans


  • Automated responses may not be personalized for individual guests
  • Some guests might provide feedback on excellent but cold standards
  • Has a rigid payment system
  • Price plans are high for users managing only one property to ten properties
  • Only 6 currencies are available currently
  • Might not be effective for owners with only 1 property

Uplisting vs Lodgify

Another software program with similar mechanics to Uplisting is Lodgify. However, that is where their similarities end.

Lodgify may offer connections to Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, and other partners as well. However, Lodgify offers a more complicated interface for their software.

Instead of compiling features into 3 core features and a revenue growth indicator for property business models, Lodgify divides these features separately. This may confuse users, especially those who seek to simplify their managing system.

Their pricing plans are further divided into 5, with no ad-free policy for the most basic plan. These prices may be lower, but Lodgify takes a certain percentage of the booking fee per reservation unless users upgrade to a more premium plan.

Lodgify might be useful for property owners with only 1 property managed. However, it is hard to see why owners with only one property in the name would require complicated booking software instead of manually managing it themselves.

Is Uplisting Worth It?

Since they have good features for everyone with rentals as their business, it will be really worth it to get things done faster, easier, and smarter.

Is Uplisting Worth It?
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Most trusted website reviews like Trustpilot and Capterra reviewed this brand and gave excellent ratings. Surely, many people have already used the brand’s service and gained short-term rental revenue in only a short time.

Their price is also affordable that definitely will fit your budget. It comes in a wide option of currencies. It will make you pay for the plans easier and practically.

By this, we can conclude that this brand is genuinely worth investing in.

Uplisting Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As a customer needs more proof of whether this brand is worth it, they’ll need to know what customers say about it. So we’ll compile several best comments from happy customers who have already used the service from the brand. Let’s hear from them.

Uplisting Customer Reviews
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One customer from Pennsylvania is satisfied with the service after using it for a month. He comments:

I couldn’t be happier. I was Uplisting day by day. It really helped me turn a corner for my business, from managing a few homes (that I could do manually) to many and many more.

One happy customer says that he already gain more sales in their business because of the brand’s service:

I have more than one hundred apartments. I pay less than 20 apartments at Guesty. The brand’s technical features and customer service offers me simplicity that much better.

Another customer that raves about the superb service:

Uplisting is really well-organized. The intelligence that is coded helps me be more productive because stuff actually works.

By seeing these comments from genuine customers, we can consider that the brand is truly worth it for your business. You can rely on this brand service as it will give you more sales that you can see within a month+.

Uplisting Customer Service

If you have something to ask, don’t hesitate to contact them by email: support@uplisting.io

They’ll be available within their working hours and days, which are Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM. They’ll answer your questions no later than 2 days.

Where To Buy Uplisting

Since it’s an online service, the only way you can get their service is on their official website: uplisting.io. You can check their features that are really benefits for your business. So don’t wait any longer. Navigate now.


Uplisting is an effective one stop solution for property owners wanting to manage their bookings across various connected sites. It allows easy import from Airbnb, Booking.com, and other sites. Their features are compiled simply into 3, and these features work together to provide a seamless experience for guests.

However, Uplisting is more useful for property owners with more than 10 properties due to the fixed pricing plans stated on their official website. These plans come with a free trial, and users can experience Uplisting without needing to input their credit card information. Additionally, these plans are easily canceled if users decide not to continue subscribing to Uplisting.

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