About Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a software-based in the States for website owners to learn about their visitors’ behavior and habits- how and why people love what they love. This enables website owners to identify which sections of the website aren’t performing very well or seem confusing to users and visitors alike.

About Lucky Orange
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Website optimization may be the priority for most website owners. However, it has never been easier with this platform involved. Starting with the Classic option, the new generation of this brand is now a sharper tool in the shed.

Integrating this platform with other apps a website owner may have already used is also possible. A list of integrated apps is listed on their website. However, website owners can reach out to the brand and enquire whether or not they can integrate new software to be used in conjunction with it.

Lucky Orange started very similarly to other user conversion optimization software on the market. Nevertheless, the newer generation of this company provides enhanced and added features that simplify the analytics for website owners worldwide.

One of their critical features provided is dynamic analytics. With tools such as heat mapping, dynamic analysis curates user behavior for a website session.

After that, it compiles the information into readable data and then simplifies it for website owners to reach their conclusion and upgrade sections that are not performing as expected.

You don’t have to worry about their legitimacy. Today, the company has around 2.7k followers on Facebook and 11k followers on Twitter. Even better, their tools are fully CCPA and GDPR-compliant.

Are you starting to be curious about what the brand does for your website? Keep calm because this Lucky Orange review will ask you to discover the brand’s unique profile and services. Relax in your seat because we are about in!

Why Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange provides unique features such as dynamic heat mapping, individual session recording, product surveys, conversion funneling charts, and form analytics. These all function in real-time, so the brand records and summarizes every second of a user action.

Website owners can easily click through these features to observe user behavior and optimize sections of their website to appeal to these users and make them convert.

When used with other analytics software, such as Google Analytics, the brand tends to perform better and result in much higher conversion. Then, rate compared to using only Google Analytics as a user behavior observation software.

What's on Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers dynamic analytics features, recording user behaviors and then translating them into readable information as charts or heat maps for website owners.

The real-time experience comes through with their live chats and product survey, so website owners can get feedback from users while they are on the web page.

Lucky Orange Features Review

The newer generation of Lucky Orange provides a seamless experience for guests and website owners alike. In-depth behavior information is curated and translated. Visual representation of this information with heat mapping can be observed by website owners with little to no experience in.

Lucky Orange Features Review
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Lucky Orange Features

Session Recordings Dynamic Heatmaps
Surveys Live Chat
Dashboard Insights Conversion Funnels
Form Analytics Visitor Profiles

Lucky Orange Plans & Pricing

Lucky Orange offers competitive pricing plans and can be accessed for free as the most basic plan. Additional sites, however, have their price tags per site, coming at $5 each. A 7-day free trial is offered for any project the user chooses.

No credit card information is required for this trial plan, and canceling any subscription plans is free. The priciest fixed program, ‘Scale,’ comes at $150 a month without slashed prices.

The brand is currently offering a discount. Hence, Scale now costs $128 a month. More extensive plans or plans with more than 300 000 pageviews provided are labeled as enterprises.

These prices are personally quoted by the brand when owners reach out to their customer service. Every payment plan is compiled annually into a single bill, so owners have no fear of monthly recurring costs.

How Does Lucky Orange Work?

Lucky Orange imports user metadata from a recording of a user session on their website. This is translated into a dynamic heat map, visually representing where a user spends time on the website.

Website owners can send out simple surveys in real-time as a means to gather feedback. The live chat feature works similarly to the survey above. If you want to register for their services, below are the steps:

  • Go to the brand’s official website
  • Click the “Get Started” button.
  • Enter your email address and create a password
  • Select your plan
  • Click the “Start Free Trial” button
  • Verify your email address
  • Install the Lucky Orange tracking code on your website
  • Start using Lucky Orange!

Lucky Orange Pros & Cons

Even if you already know almost the whole about the brand, we can’t deny that you may still have some doubts. Therefore, we present the pros & cons of the brand as follows:


  • Has an animation feature that shows up when clicked
  • Real-time recordings allow website owners to pinpoint precisely where they need to upgrade or modify website sections
  • One of the most optimized analytics features provided on the market
  • Real-time live chat for user engagement
  • Individualized user session recordings
  • In-depth data recordings


  • Animation features might lag behind single-page websites instead of loading properly
  • The real-time feature means every second of a session recording is a sample point, so users who only need specific sample points over some time may be overflowed with irrelevant information
  • Does not offer a free plan
  • Is relatively pricey
  • Free trial is relatively short when compared to other free analytics services online
  • Limited pageview – if users exceed a certain amount of allocated pageview in their plans, they will not be able to access further views unless they upgrade their plan

Is Lucky Orange Worth It?

Lucky Orange is always worth investing in to understand your website visitors well. The platform can show you where they click, scroll, and what they say.

Is Lucky Orange Worth It?
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That information can help you improve your website’s content, design, and marketing campaigns. They have various features that can increase your website’s conversion rate by identifying any issues your visitors are experiencing.

In addition, this brand offers affordable pricing. They also offer a free trial and paid plans starting at $15/month. As a result, that makes it a very affordable option for small businesses and startups.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar

Hotjar is a newer company created in 2014. Like Lucky Orange, Hotjar is an analytics software designed to observe user behaviors and understand why they are acting as they are.

Likewise, Hotjar offers a free membership virtually forever unless upgraded to a premium plan. This is not the case for Lucky Orange.

Moreover, Hotjar uses a sampling method with fewer data collection points across a specific period of time. In short, website owners using Hotjar will see a past recording of collected user behavior data instead of observing this behavior in real time.

This may be valuable to business owners who aim to optimize into an e-commerce pathway, but these insights are more grouped rather than individualized as a user. Compared to Hotjar, Lucky Orange provides better user behavioral insights for individual users.

Lucky Orange Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Lucky Orange has a pretty good popularity. Indeed. This is also in line with the ratings they get on the internet. Quoted through the Trustpilot website, this platform got an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars from 176 total customer testimonials. So, let’s hear what they have to say about the brand!

Lucky Orange Customer Reviews
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We found a customer who gave his review titled “good product, good service.” Of course, this customer is satisfied with his investment in this brand. So here’s what he had to say:

Many services provide analytics and monitoring, but lucky orange is the best. The integration is easy with our site. It offers in-depth data and comes from a company that supports this service. Thanks, guys!

Once again, a customer also gave a perfect score to this brand. He expressed his favorable review as follows:

The information this app provides is impressive! You see customer journeys and behavior on your website and what regions your customers are in. This app will help you understand your customers and any changes in your store traffic!

Lastly, the brand’s prices for its products and services make this customer feel very happy. This happy customer left a comment:

The software is on our website and provides a lot. They provide helpful information on how users interact with our site. It includes where they click, heat maps, and how far down the page people scroll the most. We also get company names from many visitors, a bonus to our ABM campaign.

Seeing how customers can describe in detail the benefits they get from this brand makes us confident to say that this brand is worth buying. The features offered, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service make it a no-brainer to entrust your website development to this brand.

Lucky Orange Customer Service

How To Contact Lucky Orange

The brand’s online support desk is the fastest way to get help or suggest ideas. You can also call them at 1-913-735-9032. Another way you can chat directly with the brand’s customer care is by clicking the chat icon on the bottom corner of the official website.

Where To Register Lucky Orange

You can register directly on their official website at luckyorange.com


Lucky Orange is primarily designed for website owners who want to optimize their websites for a seamless user experience. However, the brand doesn’t come for free. Although a 7-day free trial is offered for new users, further use of the brand comes in paid plans.

Moreover, LuckyOrange provides very in-depth data analytics for website owners and guarantees a return investment for business owners aiming to optimize their websites.

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