Astute Graphics Reviews

Astute Graphics is a leader in designing creative and innovative tools for vector designers. The brand provides various plugins for Adobe Illustrator. The brand also designs, builds, and produces software for people.

Astute Graphics Reviews
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The brand aims to bring back the fun of drawing with its cutting-edge software designs, enhance creativity, save time significantly, and make quick changes according to deadlines.

In addition, the brand was founded in 2010 by Nicholas van der Walle, an experienced and driven CEO with an engineering background and innovative vision. As the saying goes that time is money, and the brand’s software has proven to speed up designers’ workflow.

During its founding time, the brand is proud to say they have helped 1,000+ designers, including Adidas, to “make it blue,” Disney to sketch their ideas, and Google to complete it.

Having reviewed a bit about the brand, how about we move on to a more detailed piece that elaborates on it? Stay tuned to this Astute Graphics review, as we’ll give you the lowdown on best-selling products, user reviews, and more. Keep scrolling down!

Why Shop at Astute Graphics?

Astute Graphics was founded by leading experts who innovatively design tools for vector designers that can substantially save time to achieve enhanced results.

Why Shop at Astute Graphics?
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With advanced design computer software, the brand’s software can recreate the fun of drawing, making it easier to meet tight deadlines and make quick changes.

The brand can generate a steady stream yearly thanks to such a wealth of creativity and resourcefulness. As a result, they have achieved good graphics with a good reputation. Also, it has resulted in strong relationships with key partners such as Adobe, Wacom, authors, and high-profile developers.

Not only does the brand excel in its innovative software, but it also prioritizes the satisfaction of every customer. Therefore, the brand invests a lot of time finding out what you need.

Astute Graphics applies profound principles and values to conduct business responsibly and moderately with clients and respected suppliers. Likewise, they can guarantee quick answers to customer queries and prompt supplier payment.

What's On Astute Graphics

Astute Graphics provides you with a 21 Adobe Illustrator Plugins divided into Core, Draw, Effects, Pre-press, and Free Plugins. Here’s the full list:

What's On Astute Graphics
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Core Draw Effects Pre-Press Free

Since brands provide many product categories and variations, we will focus on discussing some of the best plugins to give you a real picture of the item. Please scroll down to get started!

Astute Graphics Vector First Aid Review

Vector First Aid will help you edit text and reduce file size. Here’s what Vector First Aid can do:

Astute Graphics Vector First Aid Review
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  • Clean up vector documents
    Vector First Aid works well in converting outline text into editable text. Apart from helping change text points’ alignment, this software can also reduce the file size by removing redundant information.
  • Remove text outlines
    Converts outlined text and recombine lines of text automatically. This process requires the exact original font to be present in your system, and it is not an OCR process, so it has the benefit of placement precision.
  • “Fix All” file cleanup
    Fix all with a one-click button. Now you no longer need to clip masks when importing PDFs from Word, PowerPoint, and all other programs, because Vector First Aid will straighten out imperfect artwork.
  • Advanced cleaning tools
    The super smart remove points feature help ease editing and reduce file size, including SVG export. Moreover, it can merge disconnected lines of text into paragraphs, which is commonly found with PDF imports.

You can get this Vector First Aid for $149 for one year.

Astute Graphics Phantasm Review

Phantasm is our most recommended plugin for those who like to play with colors. This is what this plugin can do for you:

Astute Graphics Phantasm Review
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  • Instant color control + Halftone
    • Vector halftones
    • 12 color adjustments
    • Pre-press correction
    • Photoshop-compatible settings
  • Color adjustments
    Instant access to adjustments via the new Phantasm Panel, including Brightness/Contrast, Exposure, Hue/Saturation, Temperature/Tint, Invert, Desaturate, and many more. The plugin also works on vectors, editable text, and embedded images.
  • Live effects
    All Phantasm adjustments are applied as live effects to ensure a smooth and non-destructive workflow. You can turn the effect’s visibility on or off via the View Panel. Moreover, ghost live results work for vectors, editable text, and embedded images.
  • Vector halftone
    This feature helps you quickly create 100% scalable halftone effects based on the underlying artwork, including controls such as Monochrome, grid angle, CMYK/RGB, Sampled colors, dpi, undercoat color, and dot gain. Likewise, the dots can be circles, squares, lines, text characters, or symbols.

Are you interested in getting this Phantasm? You can get started for $149 for one year.

How To Install Astute Graphics

Astute Graphics Tutorials

A proper installation process is required on your computer to ensure that Astute’s plugins and software run properly. If you need to get more familiar with this or want to ensure the correct installation process, the brand provides a support team to help you.

In addition, your installation process may differ depending on the type of subscription or plugins you choose. Please visit the Support page on the brand’s official website for a detailed tutorial installation guide. Feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

Astute Graphics Plugins Free Download

If you want to ensure Astute plugins are compatible with your device, the brand provides a Free Trial on its official website.

By signing up for the Free Trial and downloading the installer, you will receive 4 free plugins; MirrorMe, DirectPrefs, AstuteBuddy, and Autosaviour.

You can quit Illustrator, then download the installer from the download page in your account. Your trial time will last seven days after downloading, but you can keep these 4 free plugins after the trial ends.

If you decide to purchase a subscription after the 7-day trial ends, you have another 7 days to request and receive a refund, no questions asked.

Astute Graphics Pricing

How Much Is Astute Graphics?

You can prepare $149/year to get the brand’s collection of plugins. The fee includes sales tax if applicable. However, if you are in doubt, you are always welcome to download it for free before deciding to purchase/subscribe.

Additionally, the brand is proud to inform you that they have a student discount. Use the Astute student discount code to enjoy 65% off your order by registering and verifying your student status with Student Beans.

In addition, by registering your email with the brand’s newsletter, you will have the opportunity to get information on discounts and promo codes on some big days, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Astute Graphics Pros & Cons

This Astute Graphics review will provide the brand’s pros & cons which we compiled into the following list:

Astute Graphics Pros 

  • 21 Adobe Illustrator plugins available
  • 1-year technical updates
  • Free trial provided
  • Technical and customer support
  • Hundreds of video tutorials and blogs
  • More affordable customer service with continuous updates

Astute Graphics Cons

  • We found no negative reviews related to the brand from the official website, Reddit, or other review sites.

Is Astute Graphics Worth To Buy?

Astute Graphics is always innovating in creating software that helps make your work easier and easy for you to use. That’s why this brand is highly worth investing in.

Is Astute Graphics Worth To Buy?
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The brand’s plug-ins can revolutionize how you draw and edit artwork in Adobe Illustrator to be more fun and fast.

In addition, the brand’s plug-ins also excel at aligning and organizing objects, adjusting colors with Phantasm, and making drawings using tablets even more natural and user-friendly.

Astute Graphics Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To give you a strong impression of the brand, this Astute Graphics plugins review takes some feedback from customers that we got on the Trustpilot site.

Astute Graphics Customer Reviews
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We found one customer giving a perfect rating to Astute’s plugins because it helped him speed up his workflow. This customer said:

Astute has given me so many opportunities at my fingertips that are easy to use. It really speeds up my workflow. The Inkscribe tool is awesome; very intuitive. The other options are easy to learn, but if you are having trouble, they have little tutorials that explain them very well…

As we described in the previous paragraph, the brand’s customer service always prioritizes customer satisfaction and always provides superior service. This customer said:

…They make Illustrator do everything they wished it would, brilliantly! Marry that with staff and a community of Illustrator experts who always come up with the answers to every issue….

The brand’s plugins are proven to help users speed up their working time, as this customer said:

The Astute plugins are incredible! Accomplishing illustration workflow with these plugins is so much faster and streamlined. Methods that used to take me an hour can be done in minutes…

Of all the reviews on the Trustpilot website, 81% are 5-star ratings, and just under 10% are 4-star ratings. Thus, most customers are satisfied with the brand‘s products which can help them work well and quickly. In addition, the responsive customer service makes the price worth your investment.

Astute Graphics Customer Service

How To Contact Astute Graphics

Having a small problem? The brand tries to make every aspect of using its software easy. Hence, you can submit your concerns or queries by using a form through the brand’s official website, and they will respond within 2 working days. 

In case your ticket doesn’t get a reply, you can knock the brand’s social media DM via:

  • Instagram: astutegraphics
  • TikTok: astutegraphics
  • Twitter: @astutegraphics
  • Facebook: Astute Graphics

Astute Graphics Return & Refund Policy

The customer may withdraw the offer to agree with the provider at anytime. However, this agreement expires 7 days after the agreement is signed.

The provider or Merchant of Record will process refunds to the customer as a result of cancellation without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 days after the day the provider is informed of the cancellation.

Astute Graphics Warranty

Complex software is never completely free from security vulnerabilities and minimum bugs. Hence, the brand provides you with a 30-day warranty. Please email the brand’s customer service at regarding queries and claims.

Where To Order Astute Graphics

Astute Graphics plugins are only available on the official website. So, visit the brand’s official website and choose the necessary plugins.

By shopping through the official website, you are guaranteed to get the original product and an official warranty. Also, if you check out through the official website, you can have the opportunity to use discounts directly.


The Useful & Helps Answer of Astute Graphics Review

This Astute Graphics Review answers to the most frequently asked questions are just one click away! Let’s check!

Does Astute provide plug-ins elite bundle?

Sure! Just skip to the brand’s official website to get the bundle package you want. Don’t hesitate to ask the available customer service regarding bundle packages and others.

Does Astute compatible with illustrator 2022 & illustrator 2023?

To know if a brand’s plugins are fully compatible with Illustrator 2022 & Illustrator 2023, you can check the compatibility information on the brand’s official website.

Where are Astute Graphics in Illustrator?

When installing the Astute plugin, it will not appear in Illustrator automatically but will be added to your toolbox panel in Illustrator.

Please ensure that you are using the advanced toolbar by selecting Window > Toolbar > Advanced if you do not see the Astute Graphics tool in the toolbar.

You should know if a plugin is installed by checking the Illustrator menu, Windows, and Effects.


Astute Graphics is an unrivaled brand of Illustrator plugins. The brand has 21 plugins that all help you be more creative and save time when using Illustrator. The brand’s plugins do an excellent job of saving you valuable time in illustrator and also aid creativity and ensure smoother results.

Moreover, the brand has developed some of the best plugins, from intuitive path drawing to multiaxial symmetry functions. We highly recommend this plugin’s brand because it boosts creativity and achieves enhanced results.

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