AEJuice Reviews

If you’re a graphic and motion designer, animator, or 3D artist, you know that After Effects plugins can improve your ways. If you’re looking for great plugins to use with After Effects, you should check out AEJuice.

AEJuice Reviews
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AEJuice is a unit of motion designers and software engineers who provide numerous plugins to help you create interesting effects with After Effects. And best of all, using them is very easy.

This brand was founded in 2015 by Jacob Syrytsia & Mark Duval. Since its establishment, the brand has grown tremendously and organized the world’s largest motion graphics community, Motion Lovers.

Apparently, the brand’s innovation in creating several AE Plugins was warmly welcomed by animators & 3D workers. As seen on Instagram, the brand has reached 341K followers.

Are you curious about the brand’s product collection or looking for the best AE Plugins? Then, please stay with us, as this AEJuice review will take you on a deep dive into product reviews, pricing, customer feedback, and many more! Let’s start!

Why Shop at AEJuice?

The AEJuice products are designed to help you do more with less time in front of the screen. All of the brand’s animation presets and plugins are ready for immediate use, and below is the highlight of what you can get.

Why Shop at AEJuice?
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AEJuice Highlights

  • Save hours of work by utilizing ready-to-use animations
  • Reuse one successful project for all future projects
  • Customize your animations and effects at no extra cost
  • Extend the built-in features of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Increase your productivity, take on more projects

Apart from the benefits you will experience with the brand’s products, they also provide superior customer service. The official website shows that the brand provides 180 days warranty & 14 days of returns/refunds.

What's On AEJuice Review

The brand’s products integrate tens of thousands of animations and effects. Whether you want to create a share-worthy Instagram story or add a retro touch to a video, everything is easy to do with the brand’s plugins and presets.

What's On AEJuice Review
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AEJuice Products

Since reviewing all products would be too time-consuming, we will only focus on the best-selling products. If you’re curious about these products, don’t miss a single section of this review!

AEJuice Courses

Besides providing a list of presets and plugins to enhance your work, the brand also delivers several courses to sharpen and enhance your editing skills.

AEJuice Courses
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AEJuice Courses Provided

Depending on the type of course you choose, you can sign up for them from $59-$299

AEJuice DaVinci Resolve Bundle

Are you looking for products compatible with DaVinci Resolve? Then, don’t miss this DaVinci Resolve Bundle bundle! This bundle gives you all the brand’s most popular products that can be used with DaVinci Resolve.

AEJuice DaVinci Resolve Bundle
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You can purchase these products separately or together in a bundle. All products included in this bundle are compatible with DaVinci Resolve in the form of videos with transparent backgrounds.

This DaVinci Resolve bundle contains 35 products, which you can get at $149, and $1450 if purchased separately.

AEJuice Premiere Pro Bundle

The Premiere Pro Bundle contains all the most popular brand products that can be used with Premiere Pro. It can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac.

AEJuice Premiere Pro Bundle
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All the products included in this bundle are compatible with the AEJuice Pack Manager for Premiere Pro. You can get this bundle for $149 and $2830 if you buy separately.

AEJuice Free Plugins

Is AE juice free?

AE Juice provides a collection of the best free plugins, templates, packages, and scripts for Adobe After Effects to save you time and money.

You can download free AE plugins and install them all with one installer automatically. In addition, all these plugins are compatible with After Effects CC: 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

What’s included in Free Plugins:

  • Starter Pack
  • Sound Effects
  • Motion Cafe UI HUD Package
  • AE Juice GIF
  • 2.5D Devices Collection
  • Quick Folders
  • Copy Ease
  • Slides – Beginner Collection
  • Shifter

AEJuice Pricing

Since AE Juice offers so many products, it would take too long to list them one by one. So, to shop with this brand you can prepare to budget between $19 to $2830 or more, depending on your package of choice.

Not to worry, as the brand also offers many discounts and sales that can be used depending on whether you are a new or existing customer.

In addition, the brand also frequently emails promo codes on certain major holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, which is another nice reason to subscribe to their email list.

AEJuice Pros & Cons

The above section has covered all the good things about brands, and it seems unbelievable. So, this section will discuss both sides of the brand, the pros & cons, and here’s the list:

AEJuice Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Does not decelerate your computer
  • Allows you to edit videos in a shorter time
  • Can replicate complicated effects created by professionals with ease
  • All effects are fully customizable

AEJuice Cons

  • Some plugins are expensive
  • Less chance the plugins are not compatible with your PC

Is AEJuice Worth To Buy?

AE Juice understands what you’re looking for in an animation tool, and we agree that this brand is well worth it. The brand gives it to you with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable options for icons, transitions, GIFs, video overlays, presets, and many more.

Whether you want to create NFTs, product promo videos, or music videos, the brand’s collection of plugins can be used to create whatever you need. Also, with its customizability and user options, it will help you work in less time.

AEJuice Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

The brand provides a great product list, no doubt. But this opinion wouldn’t be valid without the support of customer feedback. You can see how the brand’s products get such excellent ratings here. These customer reviews are taken from the brand’s official site & Reddit.

AEJuice Customer Reviews
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A customer was satisfied with purchasing the bundle package because it helped him produce quality scenes. This customer said:

Thanks to the bundle package, I got an opportunity to try something new. I am pleased to be able to produce high-quality scenes thanks to a range of plugins. I’d recommend this plugin if anyone wants to start working on a video.

The courses provided by the brand helped this customer learn special tricks that helped him work on the video. This customer said:

Main Titles seminar teaches AE tricks that would be impossible to learn independently. The presentation pace is clear and pleasing. It was really well worth the price for me!

Next, here is the AEJuice Reddit review. One customer was satisfied with purchasing the transition plan because it had an easy interface. This is the customer’s review:

The interface is easy enough. However, the preview of the transitions always looked better than actual usage (at least with v4), and I’m not too happy having purchased it.

In the three customer reviews above, most customers think specific AE Juice plugins and bundles are worth it for your needs. Even so, not a few customers think it’s expensive to buy separate packages.

Customers were also satisfied with the plugins they purchased from this brand. They find the interface straightforward, the courses easy to learn, and very helpful in animation work.

AEJuice Customer Service

How To Contact AEJuice

Are you experiencing issues? Or have something to ask? The brand will be happy to help you and provide the best solution to your problem.

Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible by form on the official website. In addition, please add a screen recording or screenshot of your problem by uploading it to the cloud/Google Drive and then copy & paste the link on your ticket form.

The customer service team will try to respond as soon as possible, which may take up to 24 hours. The team is accessible Monday-Friday, 10 am-7 pm EST.

AEJuice Returns & Refunds

If AE Juice products do not meet your expectations, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. To apply for a purchase, you must first email The brand reserves the right to refuse a refund if the policy is misused.

AEJuice Warranty

AEJuice provides a limited software warranty for 180 days from the date of delivery or from the date you download the software product. Of course, you can contact customer service at for any questions.

Where To Buy AEJuice

Are you the AE Juice product that caught your attention? Sure, you can visit the brand’s official website and choose the product you want. However, we strongly recommend purchasing the brand products/licenses through the official website for easy warranty claims.


Got a question about Lectron AE Juice? Get your answer!

These are some of the questions that customers often ask. Let’s check!

How to download Installer or update AEJuice Pack Manager?

If you want to check if you have the latest AE Juice Pack Manager version, you can check by clicking Account-Check for Updates. You can download and install this latest plugin via Windows or Mac. Once you run the installer, it automatically installs Pack Manager and other free plugins.

Does AEJuice offer a free download?

Absolutely! The brand offers free trials on almost all AE (After Effects) and PR Pro (Premiere Pro) products, and there are no watermarks! You can download and run the installer on Windows or Mac. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Open After Effects AE Juice Pack Manager window → 4 click on the free trial package or,
  • Open Premiere Pro → Window → Extensions → AE Juice Pack Manager 4 → click on the package → free trial

In case you are confused with the steps, here is the trial activation video. Please note that the free trial period is 7 days. After that, the $79/month subscription fee will be activated.

Is AE Juice any good?

Based on some customer opinions on the brand’s official website and Reddit, AE Juice is a pretty good, easy-to-use product. It has almost all the features you want to add an exceptional finish to your projects.

Can I use AEJuice in Premiere Pro?

Certainly! The Premiere Pro AE Juice Bundle contains all the most popular products compatible with Premiere Pro. In addition, you can also get a discount by purchasing them together in a bundle.

How do you use AEJuice?

To answer questions about how to use AE Juice, the brand provides a tutorial on installing and activating purchased products on its official website. Click this link to find out.

Does AE cost money?

If you purchase AE Juice products for professional use, you will be charged for them. However, you can always try a free trial before purchasing.


AEJuice provides a list of After Effects & Adobe Premiere plugins to help you work by saving time and energy. In addition, the brand offers you tons of deals with discounts of up to 99%. These deals cover 2D, 3D, and other projects without burning a hole in your pocket.

Moreover, you can even try the free download to access some things you don’t know about the software, from simple titles to sophisticated transitions and liquid effects. Also, it is available on a subscription basis for a fraction of what you would pay for the content of each bundle separately.

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