About Sollensys

Sollensys creates digital safeboxes to store important files online without hoarding physical spaces like a normal safety deposit box would.

About Sollensys
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Important files such as legal documents, financial and medical records, birth certificates, identification documents, graduation and vacation videos, and many more are guaranteed to remain unchanged or unmodified throughout the storage period.

Data integrity is therefore ensured. Sollensys employs a double blockchain technology called Sollensium. Files are uploaded into the archive space, encrypted, shredded, and distributed for storage.

During the recalling process, files are first reconstituted before being downloaded by the user of this service whenever they require. However, with the increase in quality, the packages also come with an increase in price.

Sollensys’ basic packages cost more than other traditional cloud services platforms such as Dropbox and iDrive. Basic package plans start from 13.95 USD a month. With professional protection guaranteed, the higher pricing is, in our opinion, justified.

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Why Sollensys?

Unlike other traditional cloud-based storage solutions, Sollensys utilizes a unique double blockchain technology called Sollensium.

In traditional cloud storage, files are uploaded and then stored temporarily in a cloud archive space. These files are recalled and downloaded by the customers whenever they need them. It is a very simple mechanism.

However, this 2-point transfer is very vulnerable to ransomware. Thus, if cybercriminals can gain access to your credentials, these uploaded files can be easily modified or partially corrupted and even completely erased from the cloud itself.

Retrieval of the said files can no longer be completed. Therefore, storing important documents, especially identifiers such as national ID cards or passports, is not advised in traditional cloud-based storage platforms.

Sollensys, on the other hand, focuses its concept on the idea of immutability. Thus, their private, double blockchain technology was created and revolved around the priority of unchanged files.

As a result, users can recall and re-download files they need whenever they want without worrying about potential threats from cyber criminals.

What's On Sollensys

The primary feature of Sollensys is Sollensium. This secure double blockchain technology was proprietarily coined by Sollensys, ensuring that files remain unchanged while stored in their archive space.

What's On Sollensys
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An introductory video can be viewed from their official website. 3 minutes in length, this video succinctly summarizes what Sollensys offers to customers – a secure vault, unchanging and unmodified files, professional protection from cyber criminals online, and data integrity guarantees for companies and individuals alike.

Sollensys is an untouchable vault. Additionally, a new feature of blockchain technology that Sollensys proudly represents is video encryption. This is a first for blockchain technology worldwide.

Protect what you need

  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Records
  • Medical Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Identification cards

Protect what you love

  • Wedding Celebrations
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Baby’s First Steps
  • Birthdays
  • Family Vacations
  • Home Videos

How Does Sollensys Work?

Sollensys utilizes a double blockchain technology to protect files. First, files are uploaded to the online archive space. Files are then encrypted with public-key cryptography, generating new keys for the file data to ensure confidentiality.

How Does Sollensys Work?
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The encrypted files are shredded in the next stage. The combination of encrypted files, newly generated keys, and unique key identities is fragmented and shredded over and over again, turning into tiny pieces of information and easing the fragmented pieces onto the next step.

The tiny fragmented pieces are distributed across thousands of nodes in the States as part of the private blockchain. These pieces can only be reassembled and recalled when authorized by the user themselves, preventing information from being modified, corrupted, stolen, or even entirely erased.

If the user authorizes the recalling process, these fragmented bits of information are reconstituted and gathered by a unique, newly generated hash code, forming the bits back together. These intact files are finally ready for the user to retrieve, like brand new.

Sollensys Plans and Pricing

As stated above, Sollensys’ price plans may be arguably higher as compared to other traditional cloud storage platforms such as DropBox and iDrive.

This price comparison may be unfair, as compared to other companies that offer a similar concept of blockchain technology, Sollensys actually offers a lower rate for monthly subscription plans.

Starting at 13.95 a month for the basic plan package of 10 GB space, this might prove sufficient for individuals wishing for a compact vault. It can store their important files, legal documents, financial records, passports, driving licenses, and so on.

The 10 GB storage might not be sufficient for individuals wishing to store larger files such as videos or long audio files. For individuals wishing for a larger storage space, the basic plan can be upgraded to a 100 GB storage space, starting from 39.95 a month.

New users with a coupon code can enjoy this package as a one-month free trial service. Companies or larger corporations might look at other plans after they have registered as a member of Sollensys’.

Digital Safety Deposit Box Professional
10 GB Plan – $13.95/month 100 GB Plan – $39.95/month
  • Starting at 10GB Immutable Archive Space
  • Self Sign Up
  • Browser-based Drag-and-drop Archive Uploads
  • Basic File Archive File System View
  • Browser Limits for File Size
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Dedicated Virtual or Physical Appliance
  • OnSight Physical Appliance Installation
  • Scheduled Secure Chronological Archives
  • Multi-User Access
  • Starting at 100GB Immutable Archive Space
  • Self Sign Up
  • Browser-based Drag-and-drop Archive Uploads
  • Basic File Archive File System View
  • Browser Limits for File Size
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Dedicated Virtual or Physical Appliance
  • OnSight Physical Appliance Installation
  • Scheduled Secure Chronological Archives
  • Multi-User Access

Sollensys Pros & Cons

Sollensys is not the only digital safety deposit box company. As such, it has some advantages and disadvantages on various fronts. What are they? Check out the list below!

Sollensys Pros

  • Professional protection against cyber criminals and potential file corruption
  • Guaranteed data integrity
  • Unique blockchain technology ensures files are inaccessible to other than the authorized user
  • Can store any file, including documents, videos, and images
  • Competitive price package plans
  • Virtually unhackable
  • Confidentiality and privacy for one user
  • Simple interface
  • Easy self sign up

Sollensys Cons

  • Bulk data upload is not supported
  • No multi-user access
  • Storage needs to be updated and paid monthly as a subscription
  • No premium physical appliances
  • Limited storage archive space
  • Other plans are hidden behind a sign up pop up page

Is Sollensys Worth It?

If you need to save precious and essential files, then Sollensys is worth investing in. This brand will help you keep all types of files safe. That said, Sollensium is your very own digital safe.

Is Sollensys Worth It?
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On top of that, this brand also charges less per gigabyte than traditional digital security deposit boxes. While others charge $4.95/gigabyte on average, you can start from just $1.35 with this brand.

Sollensys is different from any other backup or storage available. First, it is the least hackable form of security. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and save your important data and files from hackers!

Sollensys Customer Service

How To Contact Sollensys

New to Sollensium? Please visit the FAQ page if you have some general brand-related questions. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this review, please get in touch with the support team through the following ways:

1470 Treeland Blvd SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909

Where To Buy Sollensys

Want to register with Sollensys? Easy! Just head on to the brand’s official website at sollensium.com. Use a dedicated account email address and a secure password when signing up.

However, if you think or know someone else has used your password or there has been any other security breach, notify the brand team immediately.


Sollensys is one of the most, if not the most, secure digital safety deposit currently offered on the market. It utilizes Sollensium, a unique double blockchain technology that ensures files cannot be modified, changed, corrupted, or erased by any external factors, such as other cybercriminals online or unauthorized credentials as access.

With competitive price package plans, Sollensys is primed for individual use regarding file safety and protection. Companies or users who wish to access uploaded files across various individuals should look at other storage platforms on the market. 

In short, Sollensys’ double blockchain technology is an untouchable storage vault. Sollensys provides a 30-day, 100 GB archive space free trial for new customers with a coupon code to the blockchain. After the free trial, Sollensys offers a monthly subscription plan for continuing customers.

The prices can be relatively high, ranging from 13.95 USD for a 10 GB plan to 39.95 USD for a 100 GB plan. Other premium packages can be accessed after you sign up as a member. Without further ado, let us explore what Sollensys is below.

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