The Best and Awards winning freeware and shareware software!
The Best and Awards winning freeware and shareware software!
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dotBookmark v1.0.51

dotBookmark may very well be one of the top 10 most useful freeware tools currently available on the Internet. Essentially, this free software works as a Bookmarks/Favorites replacement, allowing users to "take" their bookmarks to any PC and keep them synchronized with the user's bookmarks on the WEB-server. This is how dotBookmark works. It looks exactly like the regular bookmarks do, but the software does erase the existing bookmarks in the browser. Instead, after the software is installed, a new button appears in the browser. Saved URLs are accessed by pressing the button on the browser. If necessary, bookmarks from IE or other browsers can be imported to dotBookmark. The major advantage of this solution is that dotBookmark data is automatically backed up to a web server and kept there for an unlimited amount of time at no charge. This means people don't need to back up their favorite URLs to a floppy in order to synchronize with other PCs/browsers. Instead, users can easily access their data from any computer that has connection to the Internet. Importantly, all data is kept confidential and is not shared with anyone. dotBookmark gives people many options to organize their bookmarks, create new folders, drag and drop links, rearrange URLs. After this is done, this data is automatically synchronized with other PCs and browsers where dotBookmark is installed.

Publisher: dotBookmark (Other Publisher software)
Date: Update: 22 Nov, 2005 / Submit: 22 Nov, 2005
License: Adware
Program OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,
Links: [ Download (5772 Kb kb) : Home page ]

The developer of dotBookmark v1.0.51 program is dotBookmark. The type of license is Adware. Supported operating system is Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000, If you like this program, you can visit the official website of the developers via this link: dotBookmark. On the official develepers web site you can find more links for download, more useful information about dotBookmark v1.0.51 and download the latest version.

If you have any problems with this dotBookmark v1.0.51 you can contact the developers dotBookmark. To do this, visit the official site of the program or read the help file. Very often, the contact information can be found in a special dialog "About".

This program can be used for free bookmark manager and bookmark synchronizer. You can find more information on a dotBookmark dotBookmark v1.0.51 homepage. Many users use this program in bookmarks or favorites. The software is designed to service and maybe used as online. Good interface and many functions for manager. The basic dirrection is xml. Developers of dotBookmark v1.0.51 have tried and made the program for syncronized. Some special options will help you in same. There are some useful features for browser.

Maybe official website of this program has on-line documentation for dotBookmark v1.0.51 and maybe you can free download the official help file. Unfortunately we do not have accurate information.

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The Best and Awards winning freeware and shareware software!   
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